I need to stop reading so many other blogs. I stare at their words as they dance across the screen, and wonder why mine just stand there? They don’t flow or even rock. Maybe they are channeling a “rock”. Maybe I’m trying, thinking too hard? What they write is a message to me about them, not a message about me.

Do you sometimes feel you might accidentally copy what someone else said? I Do..all the time!

But you know it is not true..the copying part. Ideas and thoughts are floating around in this amazing energy field that anyone can grab, at any time…ANYONE. We just need to find a way to open our soul and mind to those thoughts. Like energy attract like energy. You can only attract what you are.

I can “write” like them if I just open up a little to let some light shine in. I’m on the starting leg of my journey toward that light, but my problem is I try to run too fast, catch up for all the lost time I supposedly lost. Run so fast I get caught up in trying to be them.

Why are we always running? Where are we trying to go so fast? Everyone’s answer is going to be different, maybe some the same. Are we “I” afraid someone will get there before me? Take the last train…to where? Creative frontiers…more facebook followers..last donut?

It’s that FEAR. Fear rules this world. It should be LOVE. Maybe I’m running toward love, or if fear is my catalyst…away from love.

Maybe my words will flow like…a rock again..maybe my fingers will take orders from love one day!

Dream Change

So that little red house that I envisioned becoming my dream #1…well it was a yes at first, but she changed, and took back that Yes and gave me a no. Not mad, at the time I was, but not anymore. I suppose it wasn’t meant to be, right now anyways. My heart is going to be called somewhere else, and I’m excitingly anticipating the call!!

S.O.L.E Tribe might be it’s name……


Dream one

Since I am going to take you on this wild ride of my dreams I will start you with my first one…

Open a Artist Co-op/Antique Store/Local Crafts/Donuts, Coffee/Lunch Specials….

how’s that for a DREAM! Yeah Universe I am ready to listen to you. I know I am finally going for my passions I can feel it deep inside of me. it’s that spine tingling, can’t get the thought out of my head dream. I feel like Anthony (oldest son) when he goes grocery shopping (another story). So incredibly excited that I feel like telling EVERYONE! I almost told the guy at the grocery store today, but there was a long line behind me so I spared all of them the details. MAN that might have been some free promotion….ugh! I need to get some pictures of this place I am thinking of. I have looked at others, but none sing to my heart like this one. I picture it day and night of how it will look when I am ready to open it and it’s going to be utterly amazing and I can’t wait to share more. I know this post isn’t good enough to describe what I’m feeling, but I am new here and I will get better, my words will flow more smoothly, and I will take more pictures!!

Good Night!!

Really just happened…

Wrote a really inspirational post…seriously and it disappeared!!!

I’m laughing deep inside but really angry…so this first ever post will have to do because I have a nursing baby on my boob, and this one finger typing is not writing that AGAIN…so next time WE CAN DO THIS!! post….